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Creatures in my Garden

We have quite an assortment of animals in our garden on a daily basis. We get so used to them that sometimes we forget that some of them are really special. Take a look…


Koalla 1200

Koalla 1200


Magpie 1200

Magpie 1200

Ringtail Possum:



Southern BooBook Owl:

Southern Boobook owl 1200

Faeries  (Well they might just have gone out for a while, I am sure they will be back soon):



Lorikeets in my garden

A few days ago we were woken up by the birds outside our window. I had my camera ready so I got a few photos and videos of the Musk Lorikeets (smaller birds) and the Rainbow Lorikeets (larger birds) having a splash in the bird bath.  They have wonderful colors and they appeared to have a lot of fun in the water.

YouTube video available at

IMG_9728 s-16

IMG_9737 s-17

IMG_9742 s-18

IMG_9746 s-19

IMG_9758 s-20

IMG_9761 s-21

IMG_9774 s-23

IMG_9793 s-25

IMG_9811 s-26

IMG_9813 s-27

IMG_9834 s-28

IMG_9858 s-29

IMG_9897 s-30

IMG_9457 s-1

IMG_9467 s-3

IMG_9507 s-4

IMG_9529 s-5

IMG_9548 s-6

IMG_9576 s-7

IMG_9596 s-9

IMG_9617 s-10

IMG_9634 s-11

IMG_9640 s-12

IMG_9677 s-13

IMG_9687 s-14

IMG_9696 s-15

Ringtail Possum in our garden

We found this Ringtail Possum in our garden one night. He just sat there looking at us, not worried at all. I used a flash on him and was worried that he was going to make a run for it , but all he did was blink and kept looking at the camera.  It is a beautiful specimen, reasonably young (brown colouring on his coat).



Critters in my back garden

We see koallas in our garden all the time. They are not shy at all and easy to photograph. They tend to look you straight in the eye for a portrait shot.


This Blue Tonque Lizzard is resident in a drainage pipe behind a retaining wall and he is quite happy to watch us walk by.  We find him moving around quite a bit and this time I cornered him on the lawn for a photo shoot.


This is a Kangaroo Paw flower and it didn’t complain about the camera either.