SkyWatcher EQ6-R mount

Well, I have finally surrendered to the temptation of getting myself a heavy mount.

Initially I was looking at the Skywatcher NEQ6 Pro but then discovered that the brand new Skywatcher EQ6-R mount is available on a limited product release from an Aussie supplier. Major changes are the belt driven system with zero backlash, PPEC support, newer motor drive with lower periodic error, improved tracking accuracy, 20kg payload capacity and a carrying handle!


Basic specs are as follows:


Will be delivered next week so expect more feedback here soon ……


2 thoughts on “SkyWatcher EQ6-R mount

  1. Andre Carrier

    Good day. I am presently looking for my 1st EQ mount and this new version of the EQ6 sounds great. Do you have an idea of when the new EQ6-R will be available to the genera public & at which retail price it is going to be offered? Thanks you in advance for your help .

    1. Theo Post author

      Hi Andre. I suppose it depends where you are. In Australia there are a few available from Bintel in Sydney. You have to call and ask them as they are not allowed to advertise them yet. The formal product release is somewhere in the new year, March I think. Price is around A$2400. Note that this is just my best guess, things might turn out different.

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