New Astrophotography Tracker Mount – Status Update

I have made some progress on the new mount. See the photos below…


I have learnt quite a few new lessons already. One important lesson was not to cut the M10 thread too deep into the worm gear disk. It causes the M10 worm to bind very easily when the worm/gear assembly alignment is not absolutely perfect. I have now ordered a 10×2 mild steel threaded rod with an ACME thread (10mm diameter with a 2mm pitch). The ACME thread is much more suitable for a worm gear than the M10 type thread.

I still have to figure out how to mount the tracker onto my Meade tripod. I have a few ideas and will have to try it out soon.

The other important item that is stil outstanding is the bracket for the camera and guidecam on the end of the RA shaft. It should not be a problem.


3 thoughts on “New Astrophotography Tracker Mount – Status Update

  1. Josef

    Neat gear system implementation.
    Im still searching for suitable gears nearby.
    Thinking of ordering loose small worm screw gears from ebay.
    I also thought about a belt implementation, it makes it much more easily to negate tolerances because you can adjust it, but belts and gears that is That small is even harder to find then the gears!


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