Total Lunar Eclipse – 8 October 2014

A total lunar eclipse occured on 8 October 2014 and I had it all visible from my front door. I did not plan on photographing the event but decided at the last moment that I had to give it a try as it was available from my garden. I used an Orion EON 80mm ED Apochromatic Refractor with a focal length of 500mm on a fixed tripod with a Canon 600D. In hindsight it would have been much better to use my tracker to keep the moon in the centre of the frame and to prevent blurring due to the moon’s movement in the longer exposures during totality. Oh well, live and learn.

Lunar Eclipse Series M Lunar Eclipse-6361 Lunar Eclipse-6367 Lunar Eclipse-6376 Lunar Eclipse-6389 Lunar Eclipse-6398 Lunar Eclipse-6405 Lunar Eclipse-6408 Lunar Eclipse-6430 Lunar Eclipse-6451 Lunar Eclipse-6460 Lunar Eclipse-6474 Lunar Eclipse-6507 Lunar Eclipse-6516 Lunar Eclipse-6518 Lunar Eclipse-6551 Lunar Eclipse-6556 Lunar Eclipse-6560 Lunar Eclipse-6566 Lunar Eclipse-6571 Lunar Eclipse-6581


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