Saturn Occultation on 14 May 2014

Saturn was occulted behind the Moon on 14 May 2014 as seen from the most of Australia and New Zealand. Saturn spent about 68 minutes behind the Moon before emerging again.

I used my Meade 8″ SCT and various eyepieces with the Canon 600D to take some photos and  videos of the event. Turns out it is quite difficult to get the dynamic range right on a video to be able to see both Saturn and the Moon without one or both of them to be overexposed or too dim to see.  Its not so easy to edit video as it is to get a photo stretched. I used Lightworks on the video and Lightroom on the photo.

I have managed to upload a video to YouTube:


While I was waiting for Saturn to pass behind the Moon I kept myself busy with views of Mars, Omega Centaury, etc.  Took a quick snap of Omega Centauri, it’s not great, remember the Moon was directly overhead and my home is located in suburban Adelaide.

Omega Centauri-1792



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