Lorikeets in my garden

A few days ago we were woken up by the birds outside our window. I had my camera ready so I got a few photos and videos of the Musk Lorikeets (smaller birds) and the Rainbow Lorikeets (larger birds) having a splash in the bird bath.  They have wonderful colors and they appeared to have a lot of fun in the water.

YouTube video available at http://youtu.be/ezhUEv84PxQ

IMG_9728 s-16

IMG_9737 s-17

IMG_9742 s-18

IMG_9746 s-19

IMG_9758 s-20

IMG_9761 s-21

IMG_9774 s-23

IMG_9793 s-25

IMG_9811 s-26

IMG_9813 s-27

IMG_9834 s-28

IMG_9858 s-29

IMG_9897 s-30

IMG_9457 s-1

IMG_9467 s-3

IMG_9507 s-4

IMG_9529 s-5

IMG_9548 s-6

IMG_9576 s-7

IMG_9596 s-9

IMG_9617 s-10

IMG_9634 s-11

IMG_9640 s-12

IMG_9677 s-13

IMG_9687 s-14

IMG_9696 s-15


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