Snowy Mountains

I attended an industry conference in Cooma (New South Wales) in September 2013 and took two days to visit the Snowy Mountains. It was at the end of the ski season and most of the tourists and locals have gone home already so we had great food and accommodation available. I stayed in Thredbo and took a ski lift up the hill to the snow fields and hiked through the almost wet snow half way to Mount Kosciuszko, the highest point in Australia. The next day I went to Perisher Valley and had a combination of rain, hail, snow and sunshine; all in the space of 30 minutes.

This has only been the second time in my life where I walked around in the snow. The first time was in 1990 in Switzerland, on the Schilthorn where I had lunch at the revolving restaurant (named Piz Gloria) made famous in a James Bond movie.

The Snowy Mountains is not in the same class as the Alps but its a lot closer and the skiing looks quite good. I will have to take the family there for a week so that we can have some fun on the slopes. It was a bit dissappointing to walk in the snow with everybody else flying past …..

Snowy Mountains-6173

Snowy Mountains-6182

Snowy Mountains-6231

Snowy Mountains-6305

Mount Kosciuszko is the round hill just to the right of my head. We didnt have enough time or the right equipment to make the ~3km hike there. Next time.

Snowy Mountains-6241

The snow is melting and all the streams are flowing strong.

Snowy Mountains-6431

Thredbo is a great place, especially when the crowds have gone home.

Snowy Mountains-6384

Perisher Valley

Snowy Mountains--2


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