Super Moon

Super Moon taken on Sunday night 23 June 2013.

Super Moon-1881

Taken with Canon 600D and Sigma 120 – 400mm (323mm, f/5.6, 1/1000 sec, ISO-100). Contrast and levels adjusted in Lightroom 4.


4 thoughts on “Super Moon

    1. Theo Post author

      Hi Suze, Thanks.
      No, I did not turn the image at all. I took this almost straight up at 10pm on Sunday and I am located in Adelaide, Australia at about 35 degrees South. The difference in the moon’s orientation is possibly because we were shooting from different angles. When exactly did you take your photo and from where? We could work it out…

    2. Suze

      Haha. Now that explains a lot! We’re located in Germany right now and I took the picture on the 21st about midnight I think. (or a little past) Luckily I did so, on the 23rd it was way too cloudy here to take any pictures!

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