Milky Way (again….)

The current weather is not really good for astronomy but I am getting good at spotting a break in the clouds.

I travelled to Lake Alexandrina last Friday night and took some photos from about 6pm on Friday till around 3am on Saturday. It was quite dark with some clouds around to make it interesting. Later the dew started having an impact and then the fog rolled in to make it really challenging.

The evening started with total cloud cover and the stars started appearing from the west. A most welcoming sight. This was taken on a static tripod (20 seconds, f/2.8, 16mm, ISO800).

Looking West-1419

When it turned dark so that I could find the southern celestial pole I could align my tracker and start. The Milky Way was a 120 second exposure, f/3.2, 14mm, and ISO800.  I am not keen on using the high ISO capability of the camera if I dont need it. It adds a lot of noise that you have to try to get rid of in post processing. I prefer taking a high quality image up front if I can. I used Lightroom 4 to clean up a bit and change levels and curves.

Milky Way 2min-1513

The image of the Milky Way diving into the lake (clouds) was taken at 60 seconds, f/3.2, 14mm, ISO1600.

Looking South-1525

When I started losing feeling in my toes due to the cold,  I packed up and headed home.


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