Star Tracker

This is my current star tracker that I use to take widefield astrophotos. It kept me busy and out of trouble for a while….  I use a green laser pointer to help me to do a perfect polar alignment. So far I have done 3 minute exposures with a 14mm lens with round stars. Let me know if you are interested in more detail.



3 thoughts on “Star Tracker

    1. Theo Post author

      Hi David,
      If you look back in the older posts (Projects) you will see some of the detail of the stepper motor and mount design. This old design have moved on to a different type of mount. If you interested in the components of the pulley type design I can dig up the component list for that and list it for you. Please let me know.
      In the later design I have made the worm and worm wheel myself along with all the components of the equatorial mount.
      Everything is made from aluminium as it works quite easily on a small milling machine. I keep threatening to buy a small metal lathe and that will allow me to make the worm wheel much more neatly and accurately.

    2. didou038

      Hi ! Thank you for your reply !

      Your last mount is just WOW ! I unfortunately I can’t realize the worm wheel as you, I haven’t got the necessary equipment.
      That is why before I find your blog, I wanted to make a mount like this, and relatively simple to make exposures of 2 or 3 minutes (with a reflex and wide angle lens -milky way prinipaly-). If you could provide a little more detail on the components would be really nice of you.

      I apologize for my broken English, I’m French, I’m doing my best!

      Thank again, and continue your work on your last mount, it’s very impressive !

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